Areas of Family Law

The following is intended to provide a very brief overview of some of the areas of family law. My focus is on the various areas listed here. Family law can be straight forward or very complex depending on the circumstances and the issues involved. Engaging an attorney to represent you (and your child/children) is a prudent decision. Having a legal advocate protects your interests and the interests of any children. Family law is an area of focus in my practice; let me put my knowledge and expertise to work on your behalf.


A divorce or, dissolution, is essentially a financial separation from your spouse. Maintenance, as well as other temporary provisions concerning community assets and debt, may be necessary to aid you in your separation from your spouse. And when children are involved, then child support and parenting plans are necessary provisions in order to complete your div

As you can see, a divorce can be a fairly complex procedure and one where knowledgeable legal representation will be a benefit to you.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans establish the residential/visitation schedule that the child(ren) will follow between parents in a divorce or paternity. Parenting plans identify schedules for child(ren) below and of school age, and include the spring, summer, and winter provisions. Overall, parenting plans identify the time child(ren) will spend with each parent and are intended to reduce/eliminate disputes between parents as well.

Child Support

Child Support is the financial support of a child(ren), who is dependent upon either or both parents in a divorce or paternity. Child support includes health care and extraordinary health care expenses and may address educational, extracurricular, special needs, as well as transportation expenses.

Child Relocation

A Child Relocation is essentially a modification to an existing parenting plan, resulting when the custodial parent intends to relocate outside of the state of Washington or a substantial distance within. In a child relocation, the non-custodial parent should maintain an equal amount of time with the child(ren) in the parenting plan and is approved if the relocation is best for the child(ren) and serves his/her best interests.

Child Custody

Child Custody is a determination regarding which parent will be the custodian of the child(ren) and have placement the majority of time. Child custody is evaluated first by considering which parent is primarily responsible for the child(ren) and what arrangement will best serve the child(ren)’s interests. Parental conduct not only towards the child(ren), but between parents, is a factor in establishing placement.

Third Party Custody Actions

A Third Party Custody Action is results when a non-parent or grandparent requests the court award him/her custody or placement of a child. A third party custody action generally occurs when the natural parent(s) is unfit or is a hazard to the child(ren). If you are intent on bringing such an action, solid, well prepared representation is a must.

Modification of Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan Modification is a change in the residential/visitation schedule or the placement of a child(ren) in an existing parenting plan. A parenting plan modification can occur when a substantial change in circumstance has taken place between the parents. Such a modification may either be simple or complex depending on the circumstances.

Restraining Order/Protection Order

Restraining Order/Protection Order is a necessary provision to protect you and/or your child(ren) from domestic violence. Any threat, perceived or otherwise, causing you to fear for your safety of the safety of your child(ren), may be the basis necessary for you to request the court implement a restraint to protect you or your child(ren) from any future violence.